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EOS: Energy Optimization System
Our intelligent Energy-Optimization-Systems EOS use a logic method: they optimize energy demands of connected consumers in a way that expensive power peaks are significantly reduced. Hereby you save up to 40% of your peak demand costs. Average payback time for a system is 1 year up to 3 years.

Dibalog delivers hardware modules with built in software, which are directly installed in the existing control panels of all connected equipment. Intelligently managed by the dibalog central unit, the modules control the switching devices (contractor, SCR, VRT) for the heating / cooling as needed, in order to avoid expensive demand overlaps, caused by too many simultaneously running devices.

EAS: Energy Analysis System

Our user-friendly datalogging system EAS consistently measures your production data and displays it transparently and detailed in our web-visualization. Get a detailed overview and control about your production and costs and use EAS as reliable instrument for your calculation and budgeting.

EAS is designed for preventive maintenance and comes with an embedded alarm function with optional alarm forwarding by phone, sms or email.

It reports failures and potential wear proactively and therefore helps to avoid expensive standstills.

Shanghai Advanced MaterialsTechnology Co., Ltd. is the Exclusive Reseller and Service Provider of Dibalog Energy Management System in China Market.