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Did you know that Visual Shop is:

    •   Targeted specifically for process oriented job shops.
    •   Designed to be customized so that it can meet all your specific requirements.
    •   Running in over 350 process oriented job shops worldwide.
    •   Supported by a dedicated team of professionals that thoroughly understand the work that you do.
    •   Constantly being upgraded with new features which are beneficial to your business.
    •   Based on our customers ideas and our customers are in the same business as you.
    •   NOT a generic package. Rather, it is software that is designed to adapt to your specific business          requirements.

Visual Shop has many features and benefits that must be seen.

Features and benefits that will:

    •   Cover every aspect of your business, from quotes to invoices. It will save money by keeping labor costs          low.
    •   Allow you to quickly and accurately process repeat jobs and help you setup new ones.
    •   Enable you to easily enforces rules to make sure procedures are followed correctly.
    •   Automatically provide your customers with the information that they want.
    •   Do both barcode and RFID tracking to let you know where every job is.
    •   Collect shop floor data for detailed productivity reporting.
    •   Utilize equipment scheduling to help keep equipment running at maximum capacity.
    •   Produce high level management reports and dashboards that closely watch the health of your business.