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SAMT is partnering with one well-known third-party Inspection &Analysis company in China to provide analytical and physical testing for a wide range of metal materials. The detailed information could be linked by the web address:

With superb laboratory, purpose-built test equipment and a highly trained team of engineers and experts, we are capable to provide professional services.

Our Metallurgical testing services cover a wide range of applications and client needs by utilizing state-of-the-art analysis methods. We also provide the on-site metallurgical investigations to meet challenging customer needs.

Metallurgy services include chemical, structural, mechanical, physical, micro/macro, destructive and non-destructive testing for a wide range of metal materials or products. Our metallurgical and analytical laboratories offer expertise in failure analysis of fracture, creep, fatigue, wear, deformation, contamination (trace analysis), corrosion control, materials evaluation  &  development, and more.

Our mechanical testing laboratories perform according to internationally recognized standards, such as ISO, American (ASTM), Japanese (JIS) or European (EN, DIN, BS, etc.).

Service Scope:

    •   Materials Composition
    •   Mechanical Testing
    •   Metallographic Analysis
    •   Coating Analysis
    •   Fractographic Analysis
    •   Anti-corrosion Testing
    •   Non-destructive Testing
    •   Welding Inspection
    •   Failure Analysis